Uniqlo U Looks So Good in the Fall

In the annals of historic duos there are a few undeniable legends: Jordan and Pippen. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Ray and Charles Eames. Add Uniqlo U and designer Christopher Lemaire’s plaque to the wall, too. Lemaire’s been piloting the Uniqlo’s fashion-first sub-label for seven years now, and for—would you look at that—seven years now, Uniqlo U drops have been hallmark events in our closet’s come-up. The Uniqlo U Fall/Winter collection is here, now, this second, and yet again it’s got our add-to-cart fingers itching.

As ever, this is your chance to indulge in the same sharp eye and incisive touch used by Lemaire and his Paris-based team to make his grail-filled luxury line, at prices with absolutely no commas. The U’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection is a grab bag of pared-down, earthy essentials that ride the best waves of what’s en vogue at the moment: loose jeans, looser chinos, billowy jackets, and shirts with the perfect amount of slouch.

The color palette—from deep burgundies and clay browns to washed grays and olives—is a mix-n-match Crayola box of cold-weather comfort. (Pro tip: don’t sleep on Uniqlo’s lookbook if you need inspo.) Little Lemaire touches, like fleece track pants that’ll sub in for wool trousers, or a boxy puffer that can be cinched at the waist, remind you that despite the price, you’re getting the designer’s A-game.

As ever, the best of Uniqlo U’s Fall/Winter collection will be gone fast, so don’t sleep if you see something(s) you like. To that end, we pulled together the pieces we’ll be yanking off the digital racks ASAP, though don’t forget to scope out the entire collection on Uniqlo’s site, too.

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