Trump Tells Republicans Not Vote In Latest Disaster For The GOP

While speaking in New Hampshire, Trump told Republicans not to worry about voting and instead go watch votes being counted.

Trump said, “So we have to be careful. You gotta get out there and watch those voters. You don’t have to worry about voting. The voting, we’ve got plenty of votes. You gotta watch election fraud.”


The election fraud that happened in 2020 was committed by Trump and his supporters, but the bigger problem for the Republican Party is Trump is back to believing that his voters don’t have to vote. Trump told his supporters in 2020 that they didn’t have to vote by mail. He told his supporters in midterm years that voting wasn’t important, and now he is doing it again in 2024.

If President Biden beats Trump again, the first thing the former president will do is claim that the election was stolen, even though he is telling his supporters not to worry about voting. Trump’s constant lies about winning create a false sense of security with his voters who are then more susceptible to buying into lies about election fraud after he loses.

Donald Trump is telling Republicans not to vote, which is the first thing he has ever said that Democrats can agree with.

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