The SSENSE Sale Ends This Week: Everything to Buy Now

In certain corners of the internet—like, say, this one—the SSENSE sale is notorious. Not just for the sheer breadth of its discounts, though that’s always a factor, but for its Olympian-level stamina, too. At this point, the Canadian e-comm juggernaut has been hosting some sort of sale for going on a month now, so we’ll forgive you for thinking this is more of the same. It isn’t. At midnight on Thursday, February 15th, SSENSE is officially turning the discount spigot off. (Y’know, until the next round.) So if you were waiting to cop that psychedelic Dries jacket or those freaky Our legacy jeans, this might actually be your last shot.

The SSENSE Sale Hit List

We know what you’re thinking: GQ, if this sale has been going on for so darn long, is there anything even remotely enticing left? Great question, bud, and glad you asked. As it happens, there is an extraordinary amount of high-flying designer product still in the mix, including shaggy knit polos from some of menswear’s brightest rising stars, and primo denim from small-batch specialists you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. It’s a lot to process, we know, so take a peek at some of the juiciest deals from the SSENSE sale below or makes moves to the site itself to browse the selection in all its glory.

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