The Rowing Blazers x Target Collab Is Live: Here’s What to Buy

When we broke the news of the Rowing Blazers x Target collab, we weren’t just delivering a scoop—we were letting you know that your fall/winter wardrobe overhaul would be a whole lot brighter and a lot less expensive than you anticipated. And now we’re back to help you get the best of the collection before the winners sell out (and they will, fast).

To recap: Rowing Blazers, the NYC-based purveyors of technicolor prep led by founder Jack Carlson, isn’t messing around. The 159-piece Rowing Blazers x Target collection includes toys, luggage, furniture, and all sorts of unexpected gear. (Maybe you need a mini Rowing Blazers ping pong table with Rowing Blazers paddles?)

But we’re all really here for RB’s bread-and-butter: the clothes. It’s ironic that the collection doesn’t include a pair of sunglasses, because the colors are big and brash. You expected only muted autumn-ass greens and ruddy ochres? Nah. This collection is packed with hunter orange and sunny yellow and electric pink and—check out that cable-knit croquet sweater below—an entire Trix-esque rainbow. Mixed in are quieter basics, like a navy cardigan and a long tan peacoat, that’ll build up your closet. As Carlson told GQ, “It’s definitely the full-on Rowing Blazers aesthetic.”

Here’s where the Target part of the collab comes in: everything clocks in at “why not?” prices, in size ranges (up to 5XL on some pieces) that let everyone in on the fun. You can shop the full Rowing Blazers x Target collection here, or scroll down to see what we’ll be rushing into our carts.

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