The Lincoln Project Just Crushed Trump’s Soul

The latest ad from The Lincoln Project features an AI Fred Trump talking about how ashamed he is of his son Donald.

AI Fred tells Donald Trump:

Donny, I always knew you’d blow it. You were always a fool. A joke, low rent. I bailed you out so many times. Your deals were all garbage. You couldn’t even make money off a casino, you f*ck up. I’m ashamed you have my name. Everyone knows why the women leave you. You’re boring, broke, and I told you not to get fat.

You pay porn stars and you are weak down there. Your kids hate you, especially the girl. How did a son of mine turn out so damn dumb? The brand I built is crap because of you. You’re trash. You’ll be lucky to stay out of jail. I may have lost my mind, but I never lost my business. I’ve been dead 30 years and I’m still ashamed of you.

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Watch the ad:

Trump is a failure. He failed in business. He lost all of the money his father gave him. He got elected president through some fluke of the universe and was the biggest failed president in American history. He has failed at everything that he tried to do in life besides stealing money from people.

The ad exists to mess with Trump’s apparently declining mind.

Deep down inside Trump knows the truth.

Donald Trump blisters and bellows, but he is constantly hiding from the truth that he is a failure.

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