The Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds are on sale for an all-time low of $239

There are many wireless earbuds to choose from these days, but the best ones for those prioritizing noise cancellation are on sale for less than ever before. Right now, you can get the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds at Amazon in black for just $239 ($60 off), an all-time low. If you prefer a brighter shade, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target are selling the white and blue models starting at $249 — just $10 more.

The QC Ultra Earbuds are our top pick among wireless buds for drowning out loud noises and everyday sounds. They have the best ANC you’re going to find in a pair of wireless earbuds right now and are only eclipsed by full-size noise-canceling headphones that fully cover up your ears. Although they’re similar to the last-gen QuietComfort Earbuds II in fit and finish, they have a revised design that’s a little comfier thanks to onboard stabilizer fins, not to mention improved voice call quality and support for Bose’s new spatial audio feature. The sound quality for music is still rich and lively, too, if slightly bass-forward, but it’s their very capable noise-cancellation tech that makes them an ideal companion for commuting and travel.

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