The 12 Best Pillows on Amazon for Blissful Sleep in 2023

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying: Reviewers agree that these pillows are soft, and they generally mean that in a good way. The brand promises the pillows will hold their shape no matter what, but customers report that some fluffing is required.

The Best Down Pillow: Lincove Cloud Natural Down Pillow


Cloud Natural Down Pillow

Vegans, cover your eyes. This genuine down pillow is made with Canadian white down for a blissfully soft sleep. On top of that, literally, Lincove has covered these pillows in 500-thread count sateen cotton. Unfortunately, that cotton cover isn’t removable, and thus isn’t washable, so we do recommend also buying a pillow protector for your purchase. While down alternatives have come close to matching the sensation of true down pillows, the original remains undefeated if you prefer soft-but-supportive pillows that cradle your head and neck.

What Amazon Reviewers Say: Of all the pillows featured in this guide, none have such passionate reviewers as these Lincove pillows. While these pillows can be purchased in soft, medium, and firm, most reviewers recommend buying the medium pillows no matter your sleep preference.

More Pillows on Amazon We Love


Adjustable Fill Kapok Pillow

The best pillows should be comfortable, naturally. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we love about this pillow. Layla’s adjustable pillows are also designed to be cooling and versatile for all sleep positions, and they deliver in both categories. Reasonably priced for a set of two, each pillow is filled with a mix of shredded memory foam and natural kapok fibers (harvested from the seeds of the kapok tree). This pillow has proven to be a big hit among GQ reviewers, and it was included in the 2022 Home Awards. Unlike other cooling pillows, Layla put as much effort into designing a breathable cover as they did into designing a cooling pillow. The pillow is also adjustable, so if it’s too full and firm for your liking, simply remove some of the foam filling until you get it just right.

What Amazon Reviewers Say: Shoppers note that you’ll need to give the pillow some time to decompress after it arrives, but once it plumps up, it provides supreme comfort. While this pillow is adjustable, reviewers say it can be tricky to remove the filling to make adjustments.

Is there any bed-in-a-box mattress brand that’s better known that Casper? We doubt it. The brand has been eclipsed in recent years as an army of imitators try to plant their flags in the sleep market, but Casper still has some impressive products for anyone in search of a better night’s sleep. If you want a Casper pillow to go along with your Casper bed sheets, then add this cooling memory foam pillow to your shopping cart. For sleepers who run warm and prefer more neck support, this is one of the best firm pillows on Amazon in 2023.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying: This isn’t the most popular Casper pillow on Amazon (nor is it the cheapest), but shoppers searching for cooling pillows are generally impressed by this Casper product.

Some of the best pillows for side sleepers have a unique shape, and this Zoey Sleep product has a contoured edge designed for folks who prefer to fall asleep in the fetal position. Slightly wider than the other pillows featured on this list, it provides a soft sleeping experience. We wouldn’t say it’s the best pillow for neck pain, but it’s a worthy contender.

What Amazon Reviewers Say: This pillow promises to provide relief for neck and shoulder pain, which is a big claim (who is this pillow, our chiropractor?). We can’t speak to the medical impacts of this pillow, but some very enthusiastic Amazon shoppers have reported that it did in fact help them wake up with less pain.

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