Stormy Daniels Obliterates Trump’s Claim That He Weighs 215

Stormy Daniels has personal experience with Trump’s weight, and she isn’t buying his claim that he weighs 215 lbs.

Daniels tweeted in response to Trump’s self-listed weight:

This is what Trump claimed to weigh:

Here is Trump standing next to actual 6 foot 3 inches tall Gov. Gavin Newsom:

This is what Trump’s 215 pounds looks like:

Donald Trump without makeup playing golf at his New Jersey club

Donald Trump doesn’t eat well. Trump believes that exercise is bad for the body because people are born with a limited amount of energy. Trump has also claimed that he gets exercise riding in his golf cart.


Screen Shot 2017 02 05 at 12.18.35 PM


None of this would be an issue if Donald Trump would release his medical records. It is astounding that Republicans love to question Joe Biden’s health, but they have no doubts about Trump, who, as a candidate and as president, refused to release his medical records and lied about having COVID.

Unless Donald Trump can be tricked into stepping on a scale, Stormy Daniels would know better than most about Trump’s weight.

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