Stephen Colbert Gets In A Great Donald Trump Jr. Drug Joke

Stephen Colbert was talking about the potential for nepotism in the next Trump administration when he had a great Donald Trump Jr. joke.

Colbert said:

The really interesting story here is who Trump reportedly wants to make co-chair because it’s none other than his daughter-in-law and woman who thought Get Out was a romcom, Lara Trump.  Now many folks are saying this
choice reeks of corruption and in response to her critics Lara released this statement I won’t back down. No, I won’t back down. Still slaps, as in, I feel like I’m being slapped. Trump said this about the endorsement. Lara is an extremely talented communicator and is dedicated to all that MAGA stands for.  She has told me she wants to accept this challenge and would be great. Every penny will be used properly. Yes it’s true every penny will be used every penny no listen no folks listen up listen every penny look every every penny will be used properly all the folding money will be misappropriated because Daddy’s got legal bills,

I say why stop with Lara a future Trump Administration who could have Jared as Chief of Staff Ivanka as Ambassador to the UN and Don Jr. as head of the DEA the drug enjoyment agency.

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It is a joke about Donald Trump Jr. allegedly liking drugs a lot, but there is also a serious point. If Donald Trump gets back into the White House, he will use his power to give his kids status, power, and jobs. Those jobs don’t have to come with a taxpayer salary.

Jared Kushner got billions of dollars from the Saudis because of his status in the Trump administration, and don’t your mind focus for even a second on what horrible things he might have done to the US to get that cash.

America doesn’t need a return of the nepotism White House, which is another good reason to reject Donald Trump.

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