SNL Turns Jim Jordan And House Republicans Into A National Joke

SNL hit the nail on the head as they had a frustrated Jim Jordan wondering why he did everything that Trump did to win, but it didn’t work.

Jordan asks Trump, “This is all just so frustrating, sir. I did exactly what you would do. Intimidation. Threats? Why didn’t it work?”

Trump told him, “Well, because, frankly, you’re not me, okay? You’re no fun. I’m hilarious, okay? I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo. What the hell is he doing here, you know? They don’t play Creep live anymore, do they? You notice that? They don’t play it. Everybody else does it. But they don’t do it. But you’re, you’re little Jim Jordan. I’m Donald Trump, okay? I’m Coke. You’re Shasta.”

SNL also hit on the fact that Trump endorsements are meaningless, “But you endorsed me, and I still lost.”

Trump brushes it off and rants about how terrible the American people are, “Seems to happen a lot. It’s happening a lot, but that’s okay. You can’t give up, alright? You can’t give up, because this is America. It’s the most beautiful country in the world, filled with some terrible people, some awful people. Some of the worst people you’ve ever seen, but we love it. What a beautiful nation it is. What a wonderful nation. Not so much in terms of the people there. People very bad and weird. No, we love our country. What an awful place it is. Got it.”

Jordan asks Trump if he can win, “So, do you think I can win?”

Trump replies, “Honestly, I couldn’t care less.”


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SNL Creates Pop Culture Narratives About Politics And Politicians

SNL no longer has the cultural power that it possessed back in its glory days, but it maintains the ability to create defining narratives about American politics and its leaders.

The picture they painted of House Republicans is of a group of crackpots led by a crackpot in chief.

About 80%-90% of the nation has no idea who Jim Jordan is, and those people will check out the SNL cold open, and they will see Jordan, Lauren Boebert, and George Santos being portrayed in an exaggerated but with a kernel of truth manner that is around the edges chatter that doesn’t help the reeling Republican Party.

The Republican Party is becoming a national punchline.

The House GOP was supposed to be spending this time attacking Biden ahead of the 2024 election. Instead, the party’s dysfunction dominates the news, and President Biden is acting as Commander in Chief.

The fact that Saturday Night Live is skewering House Republicans instead of the sitting president is becoming a big problem for the GOP.

The longer Republican dysfunction dominates the national dialogue. The better it will be for Democrats in 2024.

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