Sharge’s cute, Macintosh-inspired 67W charger is nearly half off right now

Earlier this week, we published a guide rounding up an assortment of last-minute Father’s Day gifts for those who celebrate. However, if you need a Hail Mary and your dad is the nostalgic type with a penchant for all things Apple, the Sharge Retro 67 is currently on sale for an all-time low of $39 ($30 off) at Amazon and direct from Sharge.

In February, my colleague Sean Hollister penned a personal ode to the Sharge’s three-port USB-C PD and PPS charger (and for good reason). The palm-sized Retro 67 measures 2.2 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches — which is relatively small for what it offers — and can output 67 watts from a single UL-certified port or 45 watts via the primary port while supplying 20 watts across the remaining two. That’s enough juice to charge a combination of devices (phones, earbuds, handhelds, etc.) or a lightweight laptop like the most recent MacBook Air. It can even slow-charge a beefier machine like the MacBook Pro using the main port, assuming you’re not in any particular hurry.

Wattage is only part of the appeal, though. What makes the Retro 67, well, retro, is that it takes its design from the original Macintosh. The travel-friendly charger also sports foldable prongs and a built-in dot-matrix display, which shows you what kind of power your gadgets are receiving at any given moment. The fact it displays the iconic “digital rain” pattern from The Matrix when not in use is just a plus.

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