Scientists discover blue “unknown organism” during Caribbean Sea floor exploration

NOAA scientists dived deep into the Caribbean Sea to discover unknown organisms.

According to the agency, the strange creatures were discovered during the NOAA Voyage to the Ridge expedition that took place on August 30th, southwest of St. Croix.

One of the blue organisms is shown in a photo taken by the agency and posted to the agency’s website. It appears that the bumps are apparent.

Scientists were left baffled by the discovery.

The NOAA Ocean Exploration stated that scientists weren’t sure whether the organism observed during Dive 08 of the third Voyage to the Ridge expedition, Dive 08, was a soft coral, sponge, or tunicate at the time of observation. Tunicates are marine invertebrates.

The Miami Herald reported that scientists were able to agree that the dive was “weird” but that it wasn’t a rock. They were also called “blue biomass”, “blue goo”, and “bumpy blue” by experts.

According to the paper, the explorers will consult experts on corals and sponges to find out more about the blue organism.

According to the agency, the expedition involved a series of dives that “collected baseline information about unexplored deep-water areas of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone,” as well as the Azores Plateau.

According to the team, the highlight of Dive 08 was the sight of Conolampas Ssigsbei at an event that may have been a breeding occasion.

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