Rudy Giuliani Digs The Hole Deeper By Blowing Off The Judge In Ruby Freeman/Shay Moss Suit

Trump’s former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani blew off the sanctions imposed on him after he lost the Ruby Freeman/Shay Moss lawsuit, and now the judge could hammer him.

Giuliani hasn’t paid any of the sanctions that he was ordered to pay:

Giuliani was ordered by Judge Beryl Howell to pay sanctions for not producing discovery, and he is supposed to pay Moss and Freeman’s legal bills, but so far he has ignored it all.

It has been reported that Rudy Giuliani is having severe financial issues. Trump has been holding fundraisers for his former lawyer’s legal defense fund, which is a move that seems more like trying to prevent Giuliani from flipping than trying to help his former lawyer.

If Rudy Giuliani refuses to pay up, the judge could hammer him with even more sanctions. Judges do not like to be ignored. Giuliani may think that he is above the law, but he is in for a harsh lesson that ends with him being broke and potentially if convicted in the criminal case in Georgia behind bars, because no one, not even the self-appointed America’s Mayor is above the law.

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