RISD Continuing Education Unlocks Your Creative Potential With Seven Online Certificates

RISD Continuing Education is excited to continue the growth and evolution of adult art and design learning in the online space. This fall, students from around the world can engage in fully asynchronous courses, offering an opportunity to explore a new area of interest and begin to cultivate their creative potential or develop new skills. For students interested in taking their learning to the next level, CE now offers seven fully online certificate programs for adults:

RISD CE Certificate Programs are designed to facilitate personal and professional development by engaging students in sustained exploration and learning in specific creative disciplines. These non-credit online certificates equip students with skills, confidence, proficiency, and real-world experience to accelerate creative lives and work. With no entry requirements, students with any background can learn with motivated peers to develop their portfolio, broaden existing skills, explore a new career path or life pursuit, or start their own business — and build the network that will help them do it.

Notably, CE certificate programs make it possible for busy adult students to explore a new career direction while continuing to work in their current field, with more flexibility and affordability than a degree, and a focus on building marketable skills and a portfolio of work. Students complete their coursework at their own pace, to fit into their unique life and schedule.

The newly updated Residential Interior Design certificate has become one of the most popular, giving motivated students with a variety of backgrounds the knowledge and skills to get started in a growing professional field. The program was recently redesigned to address the interests and pursuits of students, focusing on residential spaces like kitchens, baths, and outdoor living areas, while ensuring that coursework is streamlined and that the technology utilized aligns with industry standards. The outcome? Students from all over have enrolled to achieve their unique interior design goals, from taking on projects in their own homes to strengthening skills and marketability in related fields like theater set design.

There is still time to get started in a course or certificate program this fall! Courses begin October 30. Online courses for teen students are also available, including the year-round intensive Advanced Program Online.

To learn more, visit ce.risd.edu.

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