Right Wingers Continue to Flex in Weird Ways

Yesterday, in anticipation of tonight’s first GOP debate for the 2024 election, millionaire candidate Vivek Ramaswamy posted a video to the website formerly known as Twitter. 

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In the video Ramaswamy is preparing for the debate by performing tuck jumps in the gym with his wife. The song “Bring Em Out” by T.I. has been added in post. This followed a clip of Ramaswamy playing tennis to an EDM track.

Right wingers have taken to the gym in the past to make political statements with eccentric movements before. Georgia state representative Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a video to X calling for Dr. Fauci’s firing, and displayed her CrossFit routine of overhead presses and jellyfish-like kipping pull-ups as her protection from COVID-19.

It’s a way to grab attention, and it works—Ramaswamy’s gym video has racked up over 2 million views. Of course, for Ramaswamy, the maneuver that’s earned him many more eyeballs than his jump-tucks, was a recent statement he made to The Atlantic regarding 9/11—he wants to know the truth about it. He then denied that he’d said such things, and The Atlantic posted a recording and transcript of his statement.

Perhaps for Ramaswamy, his mental and physical acrobatics are all connected. In 2020, he posted that swimming upstream in this political culture is “the mental equivalent of going to the gym.” Expect to see some intellectual tuck-jumps on the debate stage.

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