RateHighway, Rexalto Partner to Advance Car Rental Pricing

This is an example of the artwork that RateHighway and Rexalto use in talking about their latest tech tool collaboration on real-time rental car pricing.

RateHighway, a developer of car rental pricing automation, recently joined with Rexalto, a technology firm offering pricing solutions, to integrate Rexalto’s AMPE pricing engine into RateHighway’s RateMonitor ecosystem, which marks a major advancement in AI-driven pricing management for the car rental industry.

The integration of the AMPE technology will add Rexalto’ s AI-based optimization approach to price management for RateMonitor clients. AMPE uses AI and machine learning technologies to analyze large data sets. It factors in historical client data, tracks current market prices, and considers weather and other data sources to prepare an individual pricing strategy.

This approach ensures high accuracy in price forecasting and helps increase profits and grow usage. This addition expands the choices for users of the RateMonitor environment, known for its stability and extensive reach within the car rental market.

“Partnering with Rexalto to incorporate the AMPE engine into our RateMonitor Pricing Plug-Ins ecosystem is a game-changer,” said Michael Meyer, president of RateHighway, in a May 21 news release announcing the venture. “This collaboration provides our customers with solutions that cater to their evolving needs. AMPE’s AI-driven approach offers a fresh perspective on pricing, giving our clients the power to optimize their strategies in real-time, ensuring they stay ahead in a highly competitive market.”

This strategic move not only broadens the array of tools available to car rental operators but also reinforces the application of advanced technology to solve real-world challenges in the car rental industry.

Loriana Sardar, co-founder and CEO of Rexalto, said, “Integrating AMPE with the RateMonitor ecosystem opens up new possibilities for pricing automation, combining our AI expertise with RH’s extensive market reach to deliver superior value to customers worldwide.”

The partnership between RateHighway and Rexalto offers car rental operators the best of both worlds in price management: the reliability and depth of the RateMonitor ecosystem, enhanced by the innovative, AI-driven capabilities of AMPE.

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