New dig to start in 2024 at mammoth graveyard near Swindon

A new dig is due to start at a mammoth graveyard that featured in a David Attenborough documentary.

New excavation work will begin early in 2024 at the quarry near Swindon, where remains of multiple steppe mammoths were found in 2019.

It was one of the UK’s most significant Palaeolithic finds.

Steppe mammoths were an ancestor of the Woolly mammoth, and this site is believed to date back to between 210,000 to 220,000 years ago..

Peter Andrew, group director of Hills Quarry Products, the company which owns the quarry, said: “It’s incredibly significant, in 2019 we found evidence of Steppe mammoths, by the way of tusks and bones.

“We also found evidence of Steppe bison, as well as evidence of horse and other animals that were around at the time.

“This all prompted the Attenborough documentary about the site.”

Mr Andrew added that scientists from the UK and Europe have expressed interest in the finds.

Peter Andrew, group director of hills quarry products, standing in front of the excavation site

Mr Andrew said the excavations have taught him a lot about the palaeolithic age

“We’re looking to do a major dig starting in Spring 2024, where we will potentially have experts from all over the world here.

“We’ve only touched a very small part of the area and it’s highly likely a lot more is going to be uncovered.

“I’ve enjoyed this, it’s a very interesting process.”

The tusk from the 2019 dig can be seen at the Bristol History Museum.

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