Mr. & Mrs Smith’s Explosive Cliffhanger Neatly Leaves Room for Season 2

The following article contains spoilers for Mr. & Mrs. Smith season 1.

The course of true love never did run smooth, especially if—like the leads in Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith—you’re both super secret spies who’ve given up their real identities to enter into a sham marriage at the behest of a mysterious boss-overlord you only know through ominous DMs instructing you to kill people, or each other.

Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith series, starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, may have been based on the 2005 film that gave us Brangelina, but the story is slightly different. In the film, Brad and Ange’s John and Jane don’t know the other is secretly an assassin until they’re called to take a hit out on each other. In Glover’s series, which he co-created with Francesca Sloane, he and Erskine’s John and Jane (not their real names) enter into a fake marriage as spies in order to complete missions together.

After eight episodes, the show’s explosive finale revealed what happens when a John and a Jane consider leaving it all behind (spoiler alert: it’s a bloody mess). But the episode’s cliffhanger ending has left the door open for a potential second season. Here’s everything we know about Mr. & Mrs. Smith season 2.

Is there going to be a Mr. & Mrs. Smith season 2?

Co-creator Francesca Sloane has said there is hope for more to come, though is keeping her expectations neutral. “I think that there’s definitely a lot more story to tell here,” she told EW. “And I think that we definitely feel like this is a fully satisfied story if it were to just live on its own. But it definitely has more legs to keep going, that’s for sure.”

At the moment, there’s no definitive news on whether Amazon will go ahead with season 2 of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, though it has proved to be a massive hit (the series debuted as the number one on Prime Video in more than 130 countries, becoming one of Amazon’s most successful debuts ever). With so much left unanswered, and so many other potential John and Janes out there to beef out the show’s packed roster of guest stars, season 2 is looking like a no-brainer.

What would Mr. and Mrs. Smith season 2 be about?

If season 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Smith was all about introducing John and Jane to the deceptive world of super spying, then season 2 will surely be about getting them out of it.

In the series, John and Jane join a mysterious organization with an chatbot-like handler known only as ‘Hihi’. Once hired, they forgo their past and identities to pose as a married New York couple. Throughout the course of their unlikely newlywed status, the pair end up actually in love with each other and contemplate a life away from ‘Hihi’—something they share with another couple of John and Janes (played by Wagner Moura and Parker Posey) after meeting them on a mission.

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