Matt Gaetz Admits Republicans Want To Shut Down The Government To Protect Trump

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) let the cat out of the bag. Trump is directing the Republican shutdown chaos, and House Republicans are following along to protect the former president.

Trump wants a government shutdown because he thinks it will hurt Biden and help him in the general election, but the biggest reason is what the former president put at the bottom of his social media post that Gaetz shared. Trump is trying to get Republicans to defend Jack Smith’s cases against him.

Donald Trump is willing to hurt the military and seniors in a bid to make Jack Smith go away.

There is no doubt that Gaetz feels lied to and betrayed by Speaker McCarthy, as he claims that the Speaker broke an agreement that they had that got McCarthy the gavel, but the person who is pushing for the shutdown is the failed former president.

Trump is doing everything that he can think of to avoid criminal conviction, and if he has to hurt the US economy and millions of Americans to do it, he has never had an issue with putting himself first and the country last.

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