‘Let’s Push Boundaries’: NFC Summit Takes in Awards, AI and ‘Post-Human Modernism’

Lisbon’s iconic Carlos Lopes Pavilion played host to over 5,000 attendees at the third edition of the NFC Summit, for an “immersive programme on digital culture” taking in art, fashion, gaming, film and beach parties.

Over 260 speakers gathered to discuss topics ranging from Bitcoin Ordinals to meme tokens, with artists and personalities from the NFT space including Beeple, Deekaymotion, Claire Silver, Punk6529 and Patrick Amadon discussing their work.

Digital artist Mike ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann. Image: NFC Summit

“I find it really exciting, I think we’re undergoing something of a photographic renaissance,” said conceptual artist Kevin Abosch, in a talk on “post-human modernism.”

Abosch discussed his recent project “Civics,” a series of AI-generated “synthetic photos” depicting protest and civil disobedience. “Don’t talk to me about how honest ‘real’ photography is, it can be more dishonest than anything,” he said, arguing that photographic subjects are “cognizant” of the presence of cameras. “And conversely, a synthetic photograph can be imbued with more honesty than you can get in a traditional photograph.”

The inaugural AIFA Awards, held as part of NFC Lisbon, recognized the work of AI filmmakers. The AImagine Award for Best Film was won by “Denny the Shark,” created by collaborative duo Ethereal Moon, made up of Melody Bossan (aka LeMoon) and Dina Lockamy (aka Ethereal Gwirl).

“We’re trying to prove this idea that the emerging technology opens up the field on a global scale,” AI Film Academy co-founder Leo Crane told Decrypt. He argued that the awards showcase the ability of AI to empower creators, enabling them to, “really compete with multimillion dollar films in a way that’s just not been possible before.”

NFC Summit also saw the second edition of the ABS Digital Art Prize, awarded to French artist RVig’s piece “Les Fleurs du Mal.” The artwork reinterprets the poetry of Charles Baudelaire’s poetry as a series of ribbons that “evolve and flow according to the structure of the poetry.”

“Art is always evolving,” said RVig upon receiving the prize. “Today, digital and NFT art still faces skepticism. But in my humble opinion, we can all be inspired by Charles Baudelaire—let’s push boundaries.”

Edited by Stacy Elliott.

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