Jon Hamm Pulled on the Handsome, Handy Layer You Need This Fall

There’s a shift in the air—can you feel it? We’re approximately one week away from the start of our national emotional transition to autumn, and all of those long-sleeve layers you packed away for the season are beginning to stir in their stowaway bins. The actor Jon Hamm, it seems, can tell the tide is turning, and has already dug out the singular garment we’re most excited to wear again this fall: the waffle knit thermal.

A waffled-up Hamm and his wife Anna Osceola caught Dave Chappelle’s stand-up set at Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden this weekend, despite the still-summer toasty temps in New York City as of late. (Though, to be honest, when has the thermostat ever really restricted what celebrities wear?) He paired the classic navy thermal with rolled-cuff navy trousers, well-worn tassel loafers, and his trusty retro aviator eyeglasses, which are perhaps the grooviest remaining vestige of Hamm’s Mad Men era. As Jon so winsomely proves here, there’s perhaps no shirt more instantly flattering and easy to wear.

By a similar logic, the thermal shirt feels like a thematic nod to Hamm’s upcoming role in Fargo, the FX series based on the Coen brothers’ 1996 film of the same name. If one were to strip its plot down to its absolute most basic elements, the Fargo extended universe centers on no-good things occurring in very cold places. Facing that degree of Midwestern chill would have us yanking on fall layers a full month early, too.

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