Jamie Raskin Debunks The Bogus Jim Jordan Investigation Into Fani Willis

Constitutional scholar and House Oversight Committee ranking member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that investigations into those prosecuting Trump are a Republican attack on the US justice system.

Raskin said on CNN when asked by Jake Tapper if Rep. Jim Jordan’s claims of Willis coordinating with Special Counsel Jack Smith had any merit, “No, and I hope people recognize how fundamentally antithetical this is to our system of justice where anytime any of Donald Trump’s allegedly criminal actions are investigated then immediately the Republicans launch an attack on the investigators, on the FBI, on the Department of Justice, on a district attorney in New York, or Georgia, or what have you, so it’s just an attempt to throw grease in the gears and mess up the possibility of justice.”


The Jordan investigation is not legitimate, which is why Rep. Raskin’s colleague, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), advised Willis to ignore Jordan. DA Willis can ignore Jordan because he has no legitimate legislative purpose and no oversight power over a local district attorney. Jordan’s investigation is a political stunt. Perhaps Rep. Jordan will bring the Judiciary Committee to Fulton County and hold a hearing on Willis.

Jim Jordan is trying to interfere with the criminal case against the former president, and in the process, he is damaging the nation’s justice system, which is a vital reason why Democrats should be returned to the House majority so that they can begin repairing what Jordan and his fellow House Republicans have done.

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