James Comer Is Now Throwing Chuck Grassley Under The Bus As Biden Impeachment Implodes

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer is now throwing Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) under the bus as Biden impeachment crumbles.

Comer responded when asked Larry Kudlow if it was true that the impeachment investigation is over:

That’s not true. Smirnov was a tip that we received from Chuck Grassley. We investigated the tip, but we couldn’t determine whether or not the tip was accurate because we didn’t know who the informant was. All we, Jim Jordan and I, knew about the informant was what Christopher Wray told us, that he was one of the highest paid, most trusted informants in the entire Bureau and that he had worked for the Bureau for over 10 years.

Most of the people that were involved. In that allegation, we’re in Ukraine. Well, I can’t go to Ukraine. I can’t send my staff. We talked about this on this many times.

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The problem with Comer’s statement is that Grassley said that he didn’t know if the allegation was true, but that didn’t stop Comer and Rep. Jim Jordan from running with it. Then when it turned out that the informant was passing along disinformation from Russia, Chair Comer plays dumb while throwing 90 year old Chuck Grassley under the bus.

Jim Jordan keeps posting Russian disinformation and attacks on President Biden as facts, so he is starting to look like he is conspiring with Putin.

Comer is trying to pretend like the false bribery allegation that was at the center of the Republican impeachment probe was never important.

It is time for Comer to shut down his impeachment investigation. It’s over. He’s got nothing. It is time for Rep. Comer to admit defeat and move on.

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