Google Play Games for PC is getting support for 4K and some console game controllers

Google is adding some new features to the Google Play Games Beta on PC, its service that lets you play Android games on a PC, including support for 4K screen resolution on “supported monitors” and for popular console gaming controllers. Google detailed the updates in a blog post from Arjun Dayal, Google Play Games’ director of product.

With the new support for 4K, you can now pick your screen resolutions while in game. “Simply press Shift + Tab in any game to select from a menu of supported resolutions,” according to Dayal.

The game controllers that are now supported include the Xbox Series X / S controller, the Xbox One controller, Sony’s DualSense controller for PS5, and its DualShock controller for PS4. Google isn’t the only company that’s making it easier to use your other controllers on its platform; Apple added iOS support for the DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers with iOS 14.5, while Valve rolled out DualSense support in Steam in 2020.

Dayal’s blog post has a couple of other updates, too. Dayal says that there are more than 3,000 games available in the Google Play Games catalog, including the new additions of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Google is also adding a search bar to the “All games” section of Google Play Games on PC to make it easier to find a specific game.

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