Gabby Elan's Elan Pinhasov, Grillmaster to the Stars, Talks About Designing Grills for Kim Kardashian and North West

How did you get into the jewelry game?

I used to work in the summers helping my dad and then one fall Sunday my dad said “Get up, get dressed, you’re going to work. You don’t do shit all day, you’re going to come work.” From there, I just became part-time. Once I graduated high school, then it was full-time. I used to do college in the morning and then work in the store in the afternoon. This is when we still had a shop in Brooklyn, when it was a regular mom-pop shop, not an office. Everything was just public. So, I was just a salesman over there and slowly, but surely it went from salesman to a little more responsibility in the store and then I became manager. By that time we already were closing up that shop, so I ended up taking a year off, came to 47th Street to the Diamond District, and over here I had to put my big boy pants on and figure shit out for myself.

I’m pretty sure you turn down work all the time now.

Recently someone called me looking for 10 karat. I said, “Sorry, we don’t make 10 karat—14.” I gave him the price, he said I was the most expensive person in 20, 30 phone calls that he made. And I’m like, “Why’d you make 20, 30 phone calls in the first place?” So, it’s kind of good to hear that we’re the most expensive, but I know at the end of the day we’re probably the one that he’s dying to go to and he’s going to settle with any of his other 20, 30 places that he found.

Pharrell Williams’ Gabby Elan grill.

Courtesy of Gabby Elan.

How does it feel to be trusted by so many people in the industry?

It feels great. I feel much more relieved now that people actually put their trust in us. Before it was very picky for clients, everybody had their two cents to put in, they were always nervous when they were shopping because they didn’t know what we could do, and they didn’t know what was in store for their orders. Now when people shop with us they know they’re in good hands. Now the possibilities are endless, and I like that my customers are more open to experimenting with crazier stuff.

Do you know how North reacted to receiving the grill?

I have no idea, but I think she was excited because she wore it right away. She wore both of them and started tweeting about it, making TikToks from her mom’s phone. Listen, I have a brother-in-law, he’s also 11, and I could tell he was a little jealous.

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