Frontier Boarding Zones Explained

The boarding process with any airline can be long and frustrating. And being in a later boarding group can cause anxiety if you’re worried about not being able to fit your free (possibly packed-to-overflowing) carry-on in the overhead bin.

Knowing when to board and what group you belong in is paramount to orderly boarding with Frontier and other airlines, as is knowing how to upgrade that boarding group to ensure you get to stash your bags, sit down and settle in before takeoff.

How many zones does Frontier have and how can you better your position? Here are the Frontier boarding zones, who is typically in each one, and how to make a change.

Frontier boarding groups

There are seven boarding groups on Frontier flights, only four of which are technically named zones. Each is called in the same order every time and is based on your seat location on the plane, status and whether you purchased an upgrade or carry-on luggage.

Other groups are voluntary for those traveling with young children or who need additional assistance. Check your boarding pass to see which one you’re in, and if you believe you require a different group, let the gate agent know.

Passengers with special needs

  • Those who need boarding assistance get to board first.

  • This includes anyone using a wheelchair or who needs mobility or other assistance getting onto the plane and to their seat.

All elite Frontier Miles members.

  • Passengers who purchased the Works or Perks bundle with their ticket.

  • Customers who purchased a carry-on bag via a Board First upgrade may be assigned to this boarding group.

  • Families with children younger than 3.

  • Passengers who may need more time getting to their seat.

  • Passengers sitting toward the back of the plane.

  • Passengers seated in the middle of the aircraft.

  • Passengers seated toward the front of the plane.

How are Frontier boarding groups assigned?

The boarding zone you’re assigned to depends on a few factors.

The first involves your status within the Frontier Miles frequent traveler program. Elite 20K, 50K, and 100K members all get priority (also known as Zone 1) boarding.

But it’s not just elite members who get to board earlier; if you paid a carry-on bag fee, you may get access to Zone 1 boarding, too. And buying a Works or Perks bundle that includes luggage and seat selection also includes priority boarding.

The Board First zone isn’t so much assigned as it is purchased. While you can’t buy priority boarding outright, you can upgrade to Board First during booking for a fee when you purchase a carry-on.

Frontier priority boarding Zone 2 includes the first passengers to board after all the passengers who purchased upgrades, and are typically those located in the back of the plane. The rest of the numbered zones board in order, from the back of the aircraft to the front.

Courtesy boarding and passengers with special needs boarding work on the honor system or by request once you arrive at the gate; it’s not assigned or available as an option during booking.

How to get priority boarding on Frontier flights

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There are several ways to upgrade your boarding position. The first is to become a Frontier Miles elite member, which you can do by earning at least 20,000 miles by flying or with the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® .

If status isn’t within reach or you’re not quite there yet, you can purchase a number of upgrades during booking:

  • The Works bundle: The price of this additional package varies based on your route and you must purchase the bundle per direction of travel, but it includes a carry-on and checked bag, seat selection, Zone 1 priority boarding, a refundable fare, and the option to change your flight.

  • The Perks bundle: Again, the price will vary and is priced per one-way flight, but this bundle includes a checked and carry-on bag, Zone 1 priority boarding, and seat selection (all but stretch seating is included).

  • Board First: During checkout, you’ll be offered the option to add on a carry-on plus Board First. You can also select to pay for a carry-on separately, but you cannot purchase Board First without paying for a bag.

Bottom line

Since Frontier is a low-cost airline with no airline partnerships, rare status matches and no first or business class on its aircraft, there are few ways to upgrade your boarding position other than by purchasing add-ons.

So before you show up at the airport bummed by how long you have to wait to get on the plane and stow your bag, know the various Frontier boarding zones and how to move yourself up the list.

(Top photo courtesy of Frontier)

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