Fetterman was able to free a man convicted for murdering an elderly woman

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, a Democratic Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, cast the crucial vote that resulted in the release of a man convicted for first-degree murder in 1969’s killing of an elderly lady.

Fetterman, the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons Chair, voted with the rest of the board members in December to release Edward Silvis. This satisfied the requirement for unanimous votes to recommend clemency. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf granted Silvis’ request on Feb. 15 and released him from prison.

Silvis was 82 years old and serving a life sentence in connection to the shooting death of Alice Siggins (87), a retired teacher. The attempted robbery took place at her Armstrong County home on April 12, 1969. reported that Silvis was charged with shooting Siggins once using a rifle and then fleeing, but he has not been charged. According to reports, Silvis turned himself in that night to the state police. reported that Silvis failed five times to persuade the courts to release him from prison in 2016.

Marsha Grayson was absent from the Board of Pardons’ December public hearing. She serves as a victim representative and didn’t vote.

According to the Amistad Law Project in Philadelphia, the Armstrong County district attorney attended the hearing to oppose Silvis’ request for clemency. The Department of Corrections was in support.

Joe Calvello, Fetterman’s campaign spokesperson, defended Fetterman’s vote for clemency on Monday.

Calvello stated that John’s performance on the Board of Pardons was widely praised by Republicans and Democrats alike. “John saved taxpayer dollars and had a fair-minded approach in every case he examined, voting to deny hundreds of pardon or commutation cases and siding with law enforcement professionals nearly 90% of all the time.”

Calvello said that Silvis was the only person to have not been charged with misconduct in 52 years of imprisonment. “The Department of Corrections supported the application and the Board of Pardons voted to recommend clemency. Harris Gubernick, an expert in corrections, voted yes, while Attorney General Shapiro voted for clemency. Governor Wolf signed the commutation.

As Mehmet Oz, his Republican opponent is tightening, Fetterman’s criminal record has been under scrutiny. According to RealClearPolitics, Fetterman is now just 3.7 percentage points behind Oz.

Fetterman cast the last vote last year in an unsuccessful bid to free Alexis Rodriguez. Rodriguez was convicted in 1989 of the murder of Alexis Rodriguez, the 17-year-old son of a Philadelphia officer.

Fetterman was the sole vote in an unsuccessful bid to commute John David Brookins’ life sentence for murdering a woman using a pair of scissors.

Fetterman was also able to push for Raymond Johnson’s early release after he was convicted in 1973 of first-degree murder and second-degree killing in a York County slaying.

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