Damp weather and slugs causes hedgehog charity to struggle

The wet weather has caused an unprecedented increase in sick hedgehogs, a charity said.

Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue in Ludlow, said the hogs were consuming more slugs and snails than usual which could lead to them picking up parasites.

Owner Ailie Hill said she had never known it so bad.

The centre had treated 68 infant hogs since the beginning of August with more due to arrive, she said. About 40% were too sick to survive.

Most of the others were treated by worming.

“This continual wet weather has a lot to answer for,” she said, adding numbers usually increased in autumn.

“We’ve never known it this bad before.”

Sick hedgehog

The hedgehogs have been infected with different parasites

Staff were able to give the hogs one to one attention and Ms Hill said she was very lucky to have her volunteers.

However, she said they felt they were not making much progress as numbers were so high.

The warning came after another Shropshire wildlife centre said they have also seen an influx of sick hoglets this summer due to the wet weather.

If anyone sees a hedgehog out in the day, they need to seek immediate advice from a rescue, Ms Hill said.

“As they are nocturnal, it is usually the first sign that something is wrong & they can go downhill so quickly.”

Ill hedgehog

The volunteers at the centre are exhausted, Ms Hill said

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