Biden Impeachment Collapses As Burisma Informant Arrested For Lying To FBI

Special Counsel David Weiss has charged Burisma informant Alexander Smirnov with two counts of lying to the FBI about Joe and Hunter Biden.

NBC News reported:

Alexander Smirnov, 43, disliked Joe Biden and was arrested in Las Vegas after returning from a trip overseas, according to the Justice Department. The case grew out of the special counsel investigation being led by David Weiss, who is also leading the case against Hunter Biden. Weiss had been appointed by then-President Donald Trump as the top federal prosecutor in Delaware.

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Smirnov allegedly told the FBI — falsely — that officials with Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that Hunter Biden worked for, had told him they hired Hunter Biden because he would “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems.” Smirnov allegedly told the FBI — again, falsely — that Burisma officials had told him they paid Hunter Biden and Joe Biden $5 million and that it would take investigators 10 years to find the illicit payments to Joe Biden.

The claim that Biden got $5 million was run with by Republicans ranging from House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer to Donald Trump. Comer made many appearances on conservative media claiming that Biden got $5 million from Burisma.

The claim was made up. There was no $5 million. The only time Smirnov had contact with Burisma executives was in 2017 after then vice president Biden had left office.

Comer’s entire impeachment investigation was based on the Burisma lie. There was no influence peddling. There were no kickbacks. President Biden didn’t make millions of dollars as vice president.

The foundation of the Republican investigation has collapsed, and it is time to end the Biden impeachment sham.

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