Are Republican Presidential Candidates Cool with Being Platformed Next to Pro-Hitler Content?

The Republican National Committee’s livestreaming partner for the presidential debate Wednesday evening is right-wing Rumble, on which a reporter found “numerous pro-Hitler videos” and ads for the RNC on those pages.

“The RNC’s ads are promoting tonight’s debate that will be exclusively livestreamed on Rumble,” Media Matters reported.

“Rumble, the Republican National Committee’s livestreaming partner for tonight’s debate, hosts numerous pro-Hitler videos on its site. We found ads for the RNC on those pages,” Media Matters’ reporter Eric Hananoki shared.

Bill Kristol had a suggestion for the Fox hosts: “Hi, @BretBaier and @marthamaccallum — maybe ask the Republican candidates on stage tonight whether they’re fine with the debate’s live streaming partner being chock full of pro-Hitler videos, and for the @GOP to be advertising on those videos?”

NewsGuard has reported that election misinformation is thriving on the platform. “Nearly half of the videos suggested by the site in response to searches for common election-related terms contained misinformation, according to the analysis from NewsGuard, a firm that monitors online misinformation.”

Rumble is “a platform overrun with QAnon content, violent threats, and bigotry,” according to previous Media Matters‘ reporting.

It’s telling that the RNC chose Rumble to be its streaming partner; this is a party that is run by its base, which keeps devolving into further and further conspiracies and persecution complexes, topped off with pugnacious racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry and sexism.

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