Aliens or aurora? Adventure is just above us if you remember to look up

I’m not sure how long the three of us stand, eyes bulging, watching cosmic columns of color dance atop the tree line. It’s like we’ve entered a wondrous vortex where Dr Who’s Tardis might just materialize in the backyard at any moment. 

With our daughter finally tucked into bed, my partner and I forgo our usual ritual of slumping on the couch, wine and phone in hand, and instead rug up and spend the evening staring into space. The sky stays ablaze, stars swooshing and constellations sparkling, and it’s not long until we are treated to another explosion of activity. When the aurora reignites, the jangling clouds of purple and green are so vivid that I find myself physically reaching out to the sky around us trying to grab a handful of the color.

I can’t stop thinking about how easily we may have missed this. That, heads down, in the routine of toddler bedtimes and Saturday evening exhaustion, had our daughter not dragged us outside to look up, this beauty may have passed us by. 

I consider my partner and I curious beings. With a deep drive to be immersed in nature, we have traveled the world and been lost in the stars many times over. But sometimes, life has a way of distracting us from the wonder right there in front of us.

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