A Totally Deranged Trump Tells Tucker Carlson That He’s The President Of Everyone

Trump told Tucker Carlson that he is the president of everyone, even though he is not the president of anything in the United States.

Carlson asked Trump if he was worried that ‘they’ are going to try to kill him.

Trump answered, “They’re Savage animals they are people that are sick really sick you have great people in the Democrat(ic) Party. You have great people that are Democrats most of the people in our country are fantastic and I’m representing everybody. I’m not just Republicans but I represent everybody I’m the president of everybody, but I’ve seen what they do I’ve seen the lengths that they go to when they make up the Russia Russia Russia when that’s exposed and they go down and Barr should have gone after them and other people should have gone after and they did very late because the Durham report came out it was fairly good it could have been a lot tougher I guess but it was fairly good but it explained how corrupt it was.”


Trump’s Comments Are Alarming On Multiple Levels

Trump begins by using the standard authoritarian tactic of dehumanizing his opponents. Trump calls those who oppose him savages. He then moves on to another autocratic tactic of claiming that he represents everyone, but the most troubling part of his remarks was that he still referred to himself as the current president.

Trump is not the president. Joe Biden won the presidential election.

Donald Trump is not the president for anyone or anything. Trump isn’t representing anyone, and for him to think that he is, borders on the height of delusion.

As the rest of the Republican candidates held a debate that showcased their weaknesses, Trump was off in a fantasy world where is still representing people.

It says a lot about the weakness of the Republican Party that Trump can maintain a stranglehold on power in what appears to be such a deteriorated state of mind.



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