29 Cologne Gifts For Every Guy in 2023: Best-Smelling Cologne for Men

Buying cologne gifts online isn’t easy, let alone for someone else. You’re left to guess what something smells like through a haze of weird names, inscrutable ingredients, and marketing haikus. And even if you manage to pick out something great, there’s no telling if it’ll suit the particular tastes of your gift recipient. It’s all too easy to thrown down $70 to $400 on some useless blend of fruits and woods and musks that someone might appreciate. Which is why we’re here to completely de-risk scent-gifting for you. From Grooming Awards winners to the niche selects that were previously only discussed amongst olfactory nerds, we’ve smelled them all, worn them for days on end, and can say that these all rank as some of the best smelling cologne gifts for men out there. They are all guaranteed hits worthy of “signature scent” status, whether this is the first fragrance in his medicine cabinet or his fifteenth.

The Cologne Gifts Hit List

Below, a who’s who of our top picks this year that are sure-fire hits with even the fussiest noses of all.

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