24 Best Men's Dress Socks 2024: Every Budget, Style, & Occasion

Shopping for the best men’s dress socks at a time like this—when, in all likelihood, you’re still spending half the week at home—probably isn’t high on your priority list. In 2024, though, the best men’s dress socks are actually simply the best men’s socks, period. They’re no longer made of skimpy, itchy fabrics that’ll fall down around your ankles and tear at the heels after a heavy day of walking. Instead, today’s dress socks are cut from materials with all the high-quality durability, exceptional breathability, and super-soft goodness of fresh hotel linens. They’re engineered to feel as cushion-y as your sport socks and stay up on your calves all day without suffocating them completely. They just plain feel good on your feet, whether you’re throwing on loafers on your way out the door or padding around the house in slippers.

The Best Dress Socks Shopping Guide

And while they say you can judge a man by his shoes, the socks you wear let everyone (your boss, your Hinge date, your parents-in-law, the barista, everyone) know you didn’t just buy fancy oxfords—you have your shit together. The right dress socks will help you look proper, show your respects, nail the job interview, stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

But what makes them the best? We’re done with the whimsical ones that look like airport carpeting. Nothing cutesy, nothing argyle (with a few exceptions), nothing “novelty.” No, you need dress socks in solid colors and subtle patterns that work under a cuffed tweed trouser, a stiff pair of jeans, and wild patterned pants. And they should make you feet feel fantastic, even after 12 hours spent cooped up in heavy leather brogues. All 24 of these dress socks—from fancy French heritage hosiery to cheap and cheerful basics—check every box.

The Best All-Around Dress Socks

Even if you’ve got approximately zero trips on the agenda, the logic behind Falke’s signature Airport socks remains sound all the same. They’re built from a supremely versatile blend of wool, cotton, polymide, and elastane that’s engineered to keep your lower extremities temperate, cushioned, and comfortable—even through a harrowing day of air travel. When you don’t have a five-hour layover to suffer through, though, these densely knit numbers will treat your tired dogs right, and the buckets of available colors and very respectable sub-$30 price tag will ensure your fits and wallet are equally satisfied.

Two More Pairs Built for the Daily Grind

Looking for another superlative sock option (heh) that’s a tier or two above above your Nike Dri-Fits? Corgi’s wavy ribbed joints will add a little texture below the knee without inviting any wayward glances at the office. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to wear a suit on the regular, nothing pops better beneath navy dress pants quite like a hit of brown—and Ralph Lauren’s trio of silky, mocha-hued socks are the only nudes we consider work-appropriate.

The Best Dress Socks Even Your Old Man Will Appreciate


Sea Island Cotton-Jersey Socks (3-Pack)

Man, you’ve probably thought to yourself at one point or another, spying a gnarly toe peeking out from a hole in socks you bought a month ago: they really don’t make ’em like they used to. Actually, they do—at Pantherella, at least. The UK-based hosiery specialists have been churning out quality dress socks for close to a century, leaning on top-shelf fabrics—like the Sea Island cotton blend they use here—to render exquisite accessories of the highest order. This trio of can’t-miss options probably won’t turn any heads at the office, but they will make your dad so proud he’ll buy a stack, too. And that’s way more important, right?

Two More Pairs Dear Old Dad Can Cosign

Sometimes, as your pops is wont to remind you, less really is more—especially when it comes to a subtle, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it microdot pattern, like the one adorning J.Crew’s crew socks. And sometimes, your dad will confirm, you’ve got to go big or go home, champ—doubly true when it comes forking over close to a hundred bucks on Raey’s pure silk, Italian-spun dress socks.

The Best Stench-Battling Dress Socks

Mack Weldon

Silver Extended Crew Dress Socks

Haunted by your end-of-day foot stink? Soured relationships with friends and family over your sour-scented hooves? It’s time to bring in the big guns. Mack Weldon’s extra breathable dress socks are laced with odor-assaulting silver threads that help to keep those unwanted aromas at bay. (And they’ll look pretty killer peeking out beneath a pair of new-age dress pants, too.)

Two More Pairs That Keep Foot Stank at Bay

Another option we like with superior odor-busting properties? Wander’s slick-as-hell dress socks. Made from a cooling cotton-poly blend, they’re breathable and easy to maintain (just throw ‘em in the wash and they’re good as new). We’d gently advise against no-shows, but if you must wear ’em Ondo’s incorporate a signature Aqua-X nylon that cools your dogs more effectively than a dip in the ice bath—and they won’t slip off when you really hit your stride.

The Best Bulk-Buy Dress Socks

Want to experiment a little with your socks? Start with Uniqlo. Their ribbed dress socks are shockingly well made (tightly woven, comfortably padded, super-saturated in color) for a low, low price. Plus, they come in nearly every hue you can imagine. Get teal! And eggplant! Neon pink? They’ll look good against gray or navy pants! If a color isn’t working, you’re only out a few bucks.

Two More Pairs Worth Stocking Up On

More of a tasteful muted tones sort of fella? Not to worry: Calvin Klein’s inky-blue dress socks are a just a smidge lighter than black, the easiest way to let onlookers know where your black trousers end and your black derbies begin. We know we dedicated an entire section to dad-approved hosiery above, but suffice to say your old man will very much appreciate Lands’ End’s 3-pack, too, which includes a trio of no-bunching socks in the perfect khaki-complimenting shade of loden green. Buy ’em by the dozen and never look back.

Lands End

Seamless Toe Cotton Rib Dress Sock (3-Pack)

The Best Winterproof Dress Socks

When are socks worth splurging on? When they come via the Spanish hosiery specialists at Thunders Love, who knit their nubby dress socks—a newly-minted member of GQ’s inaugural All-Stars class—from the stuff your fanciest sweaters dream of (in this case, high-quality wool equipped with a touch of silk to keep your toes cozy but not scuzzy). Pair these boardroom-ready beauties with your crispest trousers to flex on your colleagues long into the new year—and scoop ’em at a rare discount while you can.

Two More Hibernation-Ready Pairs

If your idea of a dress shoes lies somewhere between a clog and a mule, Abercrombie’s marled camp socks are thick enough to keep your foot from sliding in and out of its slip-on—but thin enough to pass muster as a capital-D Dress sock. Simply looking for socks to wear with your spit-shined Chelsea boots? Druthers’s are waffle-knit from a merino wool that’s specifically designed to lock in heat without adding unnecessary bulk.

The Best Moisture-Wicking Dress Socks

Banana Republic

Breathe Merino Socks (3-Pack)

Banana Republic is no stranger to making affordable office basics that can withstand the passing trends of time. Made from a blend of wool and moisture-wicking modal, BR’s dress socks are the opposite of stuffy (pro tip: if “breathe” is in the name, you know you’re on the right track). They’ll keep your feet comfortably dry, whether you’re wearing lace-ups or a low loafer—which you’ll probably sport to show off the rich, neutral colors and we don’t blame you.

Two More Pairs for Especially Heavy Perspirers

Clean cream dress socks—especially ones as refined as this pair from Sunspel, knit from lightweight Italian-spun cotton—with a pair of shiny black Weejuns is still as strong a look as ever. But if you need your socks to do a little more in the moisture-wicking department, CDLP’s silky bamboo numbers aren’t just airy and breathable—they’re significantly more absorbent than their cotton counterparts.


Bamboo-Blend Socks (5-Pack)

The Best Wildly Decadent Dress Socks

The Elder Statesman

Yosemite Ribbed Cashmere Socks

It doesn’t get more luxe than covering your busted toes in the softest of cashmere. The Elder Statesmen’s chunky pair feature thick ribbing along the foot for some added texture that’s capped off with a finer knit at the toe and cuff to prevent slippage. You could say these are the types of socks you wear for special occasions, daily occasions…all occasions.

Two More Kitten-Soft Pairs

Sure, it’s tough to beat cashmere when it comes to sheer luxe factor, but Anonymous Ism’s plain Jane ribbed socks—made in Japan from nothing but pure 100% cotton—give the more expensive stuff a run for its money. Ditto RoToTo’s groovy cotton-nylon riff, which adds a hint of stretch to the mix to ensure your softest socks stay that way though countless laundry cycles.

Anonymous Ism

Brilliant Ribbed-Knit Socks

The Best Ultra-Cushioned Dress Socks


Harrington Crew Socks (6-Pack)

While honing in on the right arch support and sole contribute to that walking on cloud nine sensation, selecting the right sock is equally important. Gold Toe’s casual crew socks feature extra cushioning to pad out your day along with an enforced toe that will minimize the unsightly holes that can develop with nonstop wear (and you’ll be wearing these nonstop, trust us.) Even better, feeling like you’re walking on air is surprisingly affordable, with a six-pack ringing in for less than $15.

Two More Pairs with Added Padding

Winter may be wrapping up, but a funky, patterned knit is welcome year-round. Chup’s Dry Valley socks are extra cushy and extremely rare (no, really—the Tokyo-based brand makes their socks in limited-edition batches, so get them while you can). Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Bombas’s podcast-beloved ribbed crew version, too. Equipped with a cushioned footbed and heavy-duty arch support, they’re a little thicker than your standard dress socks—but the quality ensures you’ll step correctly all day long.


Modern Rib Calf Socks (4-Pack)

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