20 Best Gold Watches for Men 2023: Epic Timepieces for Every Budget, Style, and Occasion

Back in olden times, gold watches for men were part of a uniform that included three-piece suits, shiny leather-soled shoes, and a haircut known simply as “the executive.” Fortunately, while dress codes have loosened up considerably since your grandad’s day, the allure of the gold watch remains just as strong as ever. Not only does the rich, lustrous shine of a gold timepiece carry a ton of old-school gravitas, there’s a near-infinite variety across every imaginable style and price point. That means you can opt for a funky ‘80s digital watch in gold-tone stainless steel, a Swiss-made masterpiece in solid 18k rose, or a vault’s worth of elite options between. Gold watches are surprisingly versatile, but in general, a slimmer, more refined timepiece works best with a slim, buttoned-down look, while chunkier ones work best with off-duty fits. Aside from that, there’s really only one rule that matters: As with perfume and animal prints, a little gold goes a long way.

The Best Gold Watches, Broken Out by Vibe

The Best Gold Watches Under $200


If you only buy one gold retro digital Casio this year, make it this one.


A Mad Men-era classic to complement your slim suits and knit ties.


If a 1970s digital watch and a gold bar had a baby, this funky little unit is what it would look like.

Q Timex

Along with big floppy lapels and auteur cinema, the 1970s was a prime time for gold sports watches like this one. Straight from the Timex archives, it’s ready to add a touch of decadence to your biggest fall fits.

The Best Gold Watches Under $500


Much like Timothée Chalamet, the Seiko 5 Sports tends to look good in pretty much anything, including head-to-toe gold.


Think minimalism and maximalism can’t work together? This sleek black and gold Citizen says otherwise.


Designed by Memphis Group founder (and father of 1980s postmodernism) Ettore Sottsass in 1988, this Tissot revival encapsulates the era’s effervescent aesthetic, minus the squiggly lines and plus a tasteful hit of gold.


If ever there was a watch that demanded to be worn with a turtleneck and a mustache, this Bulova is it.

The Best Gold Watches Under $1,000


Tissot’s best-selling 1970s sports watch looks even better in its original 35mm case size.


Commander Automatic Watch

Vintage watches are great, until they stop running. This re-edition looks just like the 1959 original, with the exeption of its hassle-free modern Swiss movement.


The good news: The world has changed a lot since the 1950s. The even better news: This Elvis-approved watch hasn’t changed a bit.


When the answer to “How much gold do you want?” is “Yes.”

The Best Gold Watches Under $5,000


If this wristwatch was any more formal it’d be wearing a white tux. But that doesn’t mean it won’t look right with jeans and a button-down, too.


With your desk diver as with your loafers, two-tones are better than one.


Heritage Chronograph Watch

The dial of a 1960s-style “reverse panda” chronograph plus a glittering yellow gold case makes for a winning combo in any decade.


New Original Automatic Watch

As the first-ever watch to feature a scratch-proof case and a sapphire crystal, the Diastar was the future of watches in the 1960s. Scratchproof metal is a lot more common these days, but the Diastar’s delightfully weird case is still a flex—particularly in gold-tone PVD.

The Best Gold Watches When Price Is No Object


An 18k rose gold watch is good, but an 18k rose gold watch with a green dial is better.

Vacheron Constantin

Fiftysix Automatic Tourbillon Watch

In gold watches (and pretty much everything else that matters) quality is more important than quantity. Let this slim and stately 18th century design in 18k yellow gold show you the way.


One of the coolest things about this old-school pilot’s watch is how little it has changed since the early 1900s. But we suppose we can live with the addition of a case made out of 18k pink gold.


Alpine Eagle Chronograph Watch

Like everything this family-owned Swiss brand makes, every detail of this chronograph was meticulously considered down to the millimetre. The result? Perfectly aligned screws on the bezel, ethically-sourced rose gold, and a COSC-approved automatic movement developed, produced, and assembled by Chopard.

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