17 Best Men's Linen Shirts 2023: Nubby Button-Ups That Look Killer in the Fall

Ready to roll into your handsomest fall yet? Your friendly style consultants at GQ Recommends scouted out the absolute best men’s linen shirts worth scooping on the double. Here are 17 of our favorites, from perennial best-sellers that landed back in stock just in time to fall-specific new arrivals destined to punch up your rotation.

The Everyday Pick

Made from sustainably-farmed French linen, washed with biodegradable softeners, and featuring naturally luxurious corozo nut buttons, the Alex Crane Playa shirt is great on paper. In real life, it’s even better thanks to the dialed-in, straight-not-sloppy fit.

The Office-Ready Pick


Check Cotton Linen Button-Down Shirt

Don’t let a high-stakes situation like an important work presentation or meeting the in-laws cause you to break a sweat. This handcrafted linen-cotton shirt from the dapper folks at Drake’s is the perfect solution to keep you cool yet warm when you really need to impress.

The Fall-Ready Pick

Not to be a real square, but a solid checked shirt is quintessential fall for a reason—it no-frills design looks burly and sophisticated at the same time and hides all of life’s little mysteries (read: commuter grime and stains, source unknown). Our Legacy’s take is a little looser and therefore feels just edgy enough to keep you from fielding nonstop comparisons to the Brawny guy.

The Layering-Freindly Pick


Linen and Cotton-Blend Shirt

This luxe, cotton-blend beauty from Corridor is a slightly beefier take on the classic white linen shirt. It’s loose fit works well hanging over a pair of rustic denim jeans but can also shine under your spiffiest blazer. Button-down shirts and casual shirts might seem like parallel planets, but picks like these show there’s a way to seamlessly blend the two without missing a beat.

The OOO-Ready Pick


Indigo-Dyed Printed Linen Shirt

Printed shirts might seem like they’re only suitable for warm weather, but we’re here to dispel that rumor. Kapital’s funky, classic fit camp-collar button-up is a sight to behold thanks to its rich indigo dye and hypnotic floral print. It’ll stun on its own but can play well with your chinos and more toned down sweaters.

The Weekend Upstate Pick

You’ve probably got a few woodsy trips queued up this fall, right? Stuffing your duffel with nothing but tees is a rookie mistake. You’ll need a light yet warm coverup like this one when the morning chill kicks in—and to make sure you meet the dress code at the low-key dinner party at the end of the day. If you look closely enough you’ll see a stripe detailing on this A&F pick that adds some nice texture to an already solid button-up without being distracting.

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