15 Best Work Jackets for Men 2023: Ultra-Tough Layers That Refuse to Clock Out

Like big trucks and cold beers, the best work jackets for men have long been sewn into the fabric of blue-collar American life. But in recent years, the burly outerwear has been party to one of the greatest crossover events in men’s style history, making its way from OSHA-approved jobsite attire to the everyday wardrobes of fellas whose only calluses come from holding an iPhone too long.

You don’t have to guess at why the work jacket made the leap from workwear to menswear: it’s easy to wear, unpretentious, and features a very of-the-moment boxy, forgiving fit. Originals from the likes of Dickies and Carhartt don’t cost much new, and it’s not uncommon to find an entire rack in your town’s best-sourced secondhand shop dedicated to not-so-gently used versions, made all the cooler for a couple decades’ worth of fades, rips, and stains.

The Best Work Jackets Shopping Guide

Which points to the real reason why the work jacket has broken out: It’s decidedly brawny, built to get up with the rooster’s crow and put in a hard 12 hours without missing a beat. In all likelihood, that’s not something you need—but who doesn’t want to pull on a bit of ready-for-anything armor as they set out the door, even if that’s just to the neighborhood café for a latte and free WiFi? Especially if that armor’s got a toasty quilted or blanket linings to keep you warm on your morning commute.

Not surprisingly, now that the work jacket’s become a closet cornerstone for even the most corporate among us, they’ve been given the full fashion treatment. You can scoop up a designer-made work jacket that looks like it’s been beat on for years, or a version that sacrifices practicality for a slimmer fit and exotically-sourced upscale materials. Whether your idea of “getting shit done” means laying brick or laying out a Powerpoint, you’ll find just the right option in the 15 best work jackets for men we pulled together here.

The Only Work Jacket You Really Need

Carhartt’s 70-year-old Detroit jacket is the OG and the platonic ideal of a work jacket, sitting alongside jean jackets and and cowboy boots on the Mount Rushmore of true-blue American style icons. The recipe hasn’t changed much over seven decades: there’s a stiff, hefty canvas with a blanket lining, perfectly-placed slanted pockets, and a contrasting corduroy collar to turn up when the wind’s whistling. And as the red-hot vintage market for Detroits proves, this is a closet staple that truly looks better the more you beat it up.

The Just-As-Legendary Sleeper Hit


Waxed “Eisenhower” Jacket

If any workwear label matches Carhartt’s cred, it’s Dickies—yet the Texas-born brand’s Eisenhower jacket remains an under-the-radar alternative to the hyperpopular Detroit. Inspired by the wool WWII-era style preferred by its presidential namesake (though no longer reflective of the source material), this cotton-constructed zip-up remains one of the simplest, wear-with-literally-anything jackets ever conceived. It’s a true symbol of classic workwear’s timeless appeal that’ll look good today and 20 years from now.

The Workwear 3.0 Pick

Randy’s Garments

Corduroy Trimmed Denim Jacket

Most workwear brands are defined by decades of history, but Randy’s Garments is proof that a new label can come along and make premium, hard-wearing gear with a fresh point of view. Case-in-point: The brand’s logo-free, denim take on the work jacket. The denim itself is a sturdy 12oz fabric that’s been rinsed once to soften it just a smidge, but still retains its deep indigo hue so you can expect sweet, well-earned fades down the line. It’s also a work jacket that stands out among eagle-eyed menswear enthusiasts, its modest, logo-less design bound to earn you some “ID on that?” DMs when you show up on the ‘gram.

The “This Fashion Stuff Is Hard Work” Pick

Our Legacy

Mini Tartan Waxed Cotton Jacket

The Swedish geniuses at Our Legacy are masters at freaking workwear classics (see: their digitally-printed distressed denim), and this work jacket is no exception. It gets a little across-the-pond countryside flavor in the form of a subtle tartan pattern, and stays ready for rainy, windy strolls thanks to its waxed cotton construction. The minimal silhouette makes it surprisingly versatile: dress it up over a turtleneck en route to dinner or throw it on over a sweatshirt wen you shuffle down the block for your Sunday cup of joe.

The Pre-Broken-In Pick

Taylor Stitch

Workhorse Jacket In Aged Penny

Most work jackets start off stiff—the price you pay for denim or canvas that can survive a couple decades—and for some folks, the process of softening up a box-fresh work jacket is part of the fun. For anyone who’d rather not walk around for a few weeks looking like they’ve zipped on a cardboard box, this work jacket from Taylor Stitch is the shortcut to worn-in goodness. The brown canvas is double-dyed and stone-washed for off-the rack comfort, but not overdone to the point of blue collar stolen valor.

Plus 10 More Work Jackets We Love

Abercrombie & Fitch

Want your work jacket to stand out? Get one in a sandy camo print from resurgent mall brand Abercrombie and pair it with some decidedly non-jobsite-ready white jeans.


Carson City Canvas Jacket

A work jacket that’s somehow made even more practical thanks to the addition of big bonus pockets and a wool lining you can trust, given Pendelton knows when it’s doing when it comes to blankets.

Todd Snyder

This unlined number from Todd Snyder in a fresh, cream-hued canvas is just waiting to hit the town paired with a button down, proper trousers, and loafers.

Carhartt WIP

The O.G. Detroit is unimpeachable, but we’ll admit that it’s blocky shape can best be described as “generous.” So Carhartt’s more fashion-oriented skunkworks, WIP, delivers all the original goodness with an ever-so-slightly slimmed up shape for those who want the look without all the extra bulk.


The perfect amount of distressing gives this extremely affordable work jacket a softer off-the-rack feel while still leaving room for you to thrash it over the next few years and make it your own.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Inspired by a vintage jacket culled from Mr. Lauren’s personal archive, this jacket gets that signature Ralph-approved pre-distressed look and a throwback back print for extra style points.

Pop Trading Co.

The watercolor-esque butterfly print from digital artist Rop van Mierlo on the back of this work jacket is maybe an on-the-nose symbol for how work jackets have metamorphosized into something new and different—but it sure looks fun.


You could spend years scouring flea markets and Instagram thrift accounts for a work jacket that’s perfectly beat-to-hell and fits like a dream. Or you could make it a reality with this one from L.A.-based label NotSoNormal.

Evan Kinori

Fabric sensei Evan Kinori whipped up something special here, with a work jacket that nods at its heavy-duty inspiration but swaps out the heavy canvas for a handsome check pattern in a totally unexpected (and very much welcomed) breezy cotton-linen fabric.

Wallace & Barnes

Italian Suede Work Jacket

No logos, a quilted lining, and a timeless slim(-ish) fit add up to a jacket that’s ready to put in long hours for your wardrobe this season.

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