13 Best Headphones on Amazon in 2023: Apple, Sony, Bose, and More

What Amazon Reviewers Say: “I’m a bit gobsmacked really to be honest…Apart from the comfort, they sound quite amazing, and the immersive audio is outstanding.”

The Best Earbuds on Amazon for Every-Day Use: Apple AirPods Pro (Second Generation)


AirPods Pro (Second Generation)

Do you want USB-C friendly AirPods to go along with your new iPhone 15 that’s finally free of the tyranny of Lightning cables? Then the newly released AirPods Pro (Second Generation) earbuds really are worth the upgrade. For Apple users, they offer a seamless listening experience and improved noise cancellation compared to your old AirPods. They can’t quite compete with Sony, Bose, or Master & Dynamic wireless earbuds in terms of audio clarity, but they won’t leave you wanting either.

What Amazon Reviewers Say: “I was surprised by how comfortable the AirPods are even after several hours of use. They fit securely without the fear of falling out…The sound quality is excellent, clear and crisp. Perfect for enjoying my favorite audiobooks.”

The Best Sports Earbuds on Amazon: Jabra Elite 8


Elite 8 Active Sports Earbuds

Jabra wireless earbuds are always comfortable and sound amazing, and these new sports earbuds are no exception. They’re fully waterproof where other buds are merely water- resistant, meaning even the sweatiest athletes will be able to take these along with them to the gym. But of course, that won’t do you any good if they pop out of your ears mid-squat, so Jabra designed these wireless earbuds to stay securely in place no matter how much you move. Jabra products also play well with Android and iOS systems: no favoritism here.

What Amazon Reviewers Say: “I purchased the Jabra Elite 8 Actives because virtually everyone said they stayed put no matter how strenuous the workout was. And I am so happy to report that they absolutely do stay in my ears.”

The Best Audiophile Headphones on Amazon: Master & Dynamic MW75

As part of this year’s class of GQ Recommends All-Stars products, these stunners earned a spot among our most highly recommended products. Not only do Master & Dynamic’s wireless headphones use titanium drivers with impressive acoustics for full, rich sound, but these headphones also offer divine noise-cancellation features. These cans are also a fashion statement in their own right, using a combination of fine lambskin leather, tempered glass, and aluminum for a design that makes most other headphones look like cheap plastic headbands. As we declared in our All-Stars announcement, they’re the only headphones that look as good as they sound.

What Amazon Reviewers Say: “I ordered and received the tan leather/silver [colorway], and oh boy, let me tell you. It’s sexy. The colors match my silver MacBook and tan leather sleeve, so I get many compliments regarding my color coordination skills.”

The Headphones on Amazon With a Killer Battery Life: Beats Studio Pro

The new Beats Studio Pro Headphones were released this July, and they’re still a best-seller on Amazon. Bose and Sony may lay claim to the best audio quality in this price range, but Beats has delivered an insane 40 hours of battery life with its newest offering. And it’s not like the audio quality isn’t top-notch—it absolutely is. These headphones also offer a spatial audio experience, and like the Bose QuietComfort Ultra, use head tracking to ensure your sound moves with you. Shoppers may also appreciate the fact that they don’t cost $500, and if the Apple AirPods Max headphones are out of your price range, these are a more-than-solid alternative.

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